If you love diamonds and love the thought of maybe find one for yourself, The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas might be a great place for you. And if you don’t find anything, just think of the fond memories you will have later on. This is a MASSIVE dirt pile. The kids will be in heaven as they get to run wild and get dirty.

There are a few ways to hunt diamonds.
1. Walking around looking on the surface. Kids are great at this because they are low to the ground and have good eye sight.
2. Dry sifting. This is a simple, sift the dry dirt through the screen.
3. Wet Sifting. This uses the water stations to sift the dirt through the screen. DiamondMine2DiamondMine14DiamondMine3DiamondMine4DiamondMine12

The best advice I can give, is to first walk the grounds. Especially if you go after a rain. It’s the easiest way and who knows, your big diamond might just be there waiting for you to pick it up. You can always go back up to the rental station and get whatever equipment you might want if you feel walking around wasn’t doing the trick for you.

I personally like…well I just like to hang out. I am not an avid diamond minor. I just go along for moral support. DiamondMine15DiamondMine16DiamondMine17

Even Stella enjoyed her time looking for diamonds. I have to tell you though, she is the worst diamond sniffing dog ever. She didn’t even bother rooting any out. Stella did brighten up other minors day with her love and kisses.DiamondMine1DiamondMine13

At the end of the day, we talked and joked about out short comings in the mine, but the fun we had. This is the best part of the day for me (Amanda). Our great finds Josh and Evelyn came to visit us. We cooked Jambalaya, played games and just enjoyed our time together. DiamondMine9DiamondMine6DiamondMine18DiamondMine10

Stayed tuned for our next blog post.