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Original Bunk Over Queen setup for Sprinter

This setup where we had a bunk for both kids above our queen sized bed was really nice for a while. The system basically had 2 wall cabinets that supported a bunk. The original configuration had the bunk as temporary pieces that were placed when we stopped. This was a pain in the neck. The new setup was the result of a remodel at the Home Depot Parking lot in Flagstaff, AZ.


Everything worked well with the construction and I was able to get extra things by walking back into Home Depot. One of the guys that worked there said he helped people remodel houses and even trailers, but never a van. He said I have seen it all.


In the end, the kids had a really nice bunk they were able to use for some time. Alas, this is not where the story ends, because the kids kept growing.


The kids were super excited for the new beds.DSC04261

We started to call our mattress the Burrito. No Bueno. Too much work.

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