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T@B Clamshell Camper

We purchased this used T@B Clamshell camper some time ago. It was a nice well made camper for the most part. It had a water leak when we purchased the trailer. Right away we had to repair the damage and get the galley kitchen, like one in a standard teardrop, back in order.


The floor had been damaged and the wood rotted. Since no structural damage was done to the camper, we repaired much of this using wood strengthener and wood filler.


This gave us a great platform to install new flooring.


We replaced the damaged countertop that was way too thick The MDF countertop was swollen and heavy. A thin plywood countertop was all that was needed.


We added a backsplash to get the galley more polished. I think it came out pretty well.


The tiles all installed, we were able to camp in this unit while our kids were really small, we quickly outgrew this camper and moved on to Buzz Year 2 our Sprinter Van


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