When I heard that Mississippi had what is known as the “Little Grand Canyon” I was quite intrigued. We have been to the real Grand Canyon a couple of times so I was trying to picture in my mind what we would see in MS. I have to say, I was totally surprised. It really did look like a miniature version of the Grand Canyon! The red layered rock and all.msgrandcanyon3

Red Bluff, as it is known by the locals, is located in Morgantown on Hwy 587 about 40 miles West of Hattiesburg. The remarkable thing about this canyon is that it is constantly being eroded away. Every time there is a rain storm, more road and more mud wash down the Pearl River. Therefore, you could visit the canyon often and it would look different each time you went. That is a powerful thought.msgrandcanyon1

This property is NOT owned by the State. It is a privately owned piece of land and therefore suffers from the down falls of not having it properly maintained for the public. There is a lot of trash all over the ground. I’m talking cups, plastic bags, beer cans, and bottles everywhere. I even saw a tire at the bottom of the canyon. If you have read one of my other blog posts about not trashing up our natural world, you will see how much this really bothered me!! There is not a true marked off hiking trail or map down to the bottom of the canyon. You really just have to guess and hope you make it there. Apparently, as long as no one is causing a ruckus, the people will be able to continue to visit this land as long as it sticks around.msgrandcanyon4msgrandcanyon6