Many years ago we decided to start a family tradition of making pizza for New Years. Our first year was more of a disaster than one could expect. Boxed dough and premade sauce with really bad pepperoni. I am surprised we didn’t quit and just go out to dinner.

Fast forward 12 years of pizza making.

We got serious about making pizza over the next decade. I think the dough is the key to a great pizza, but my wife Amanda feels that it is the sauce. So together, we have each mastered one key of a great pizza.


A wood fire pizza oven.

Last year we purchased a wood fire pizza oven to be able to get high temperatures to make our pizza. This oven will hit 700 degrees pretty easily. Pizzas cook fast, but there is a learning curve to a wood fired master pizza. I have added a few pictures of our pizza oven. Don’t worry more pizza articles are coming.