I think there are two very distinct categories of people. Those who like to plan everything out to the tee and those who fly by the seat of their pants. There is nothing wrong with either group. I think this world needs both types. We are in the fly by the seat of our pants category. We have a general idea of what we want to do or what direction we want to go, but then we kind of just make it up as we go. panaroad

I always find that if I try to plan something out, it never works out. This year we planned on 3 separate occasions to go on a mini-vacay to Florida. Each plan was different. One time we were going to camp at St. Joe’s State Park for a week. We even booked the spot like way in advance! That is something we NEVER do. Well, it poured down rain that week. No camping! Our second trip was camping in Destin, FL. We were there 1 day and then it started pouring with no end in sight. So we packed up and went back home. I can’t even remember what the third trip was. I gave up at that point.msgrandcanyon6

Planning just doesn’t work for us. This is normally how it goes. Chad and I discuss the different places we want to see, what area of the country we would like to visit and ask the kids if there is anything in particular they would like to see. We pack up the van with our clothes, some food, cameras, computers and phones and leave. We never know where we will sleep that day or what awesome sights we will see. We could drive for 10 hours or just 2. We could go diamond mining (and have a very lucky husband actually find a 1.31 carat diamond) or we could just hang out on a beach drinking umbrella drinks. It could be 90 degrees where we are at and decide we want to enjoy cooler weather, so we will drive until we find 60 degrees. We just never know what is in store when we get in that van and go.

For us…well for me (Amanda), I feel like a lot of pressure is lifted when we just wander around. There are no expectation on what was on the schedule for us to accomplish. It is easier to just enjoy the moments we have found ourselves in and enjoy our time together.

The best things happen when they are least expected.

So what do y’all think?
Are you a planner or let’s see whats happens kind of person?