I’m looking here through the blog and just can’t believe my eyes! There is not one gosh darn single post about the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM. How did this happen?! This spot was my kid’s absolute favorite spot on the entire trip we took last year.

If I remember correctly, we were cruising down the interstate and Chad happened to see a billboard saying “Visit the Blue Hole”. He asked me to look it up, but I don’t remember there being a whole lot of information about this place on the web. I even remember the website being under construction. I told Chad of my findings and he was like “I don’t care, let’s go check it out anyway”. If y’all don’t already know, I will agree to almost all of Chad’s crazy/great/sometimes not so great ideas. We took the exit indicated on the billboard and we found ourselves in the middle of this…well, it looked like an old, poor neighborhood. We clearly were in the wrong area…Or were we?!?!  After driving around a bit, we finally came across this sign “Blue Hole Parking $5”. Chad and I looked at each other in a half-hearted way “We found it”.

O-M-G Becky!!! This place is AWESOME! So beautiful…so natural….so freaking cold!! I could use all my big girl words to describe this place, but the pictures really say it all.

FUN FACTS:  The Blue Hole is a Natural spring that is 61 degrees year round and approximately 80 feet deep. The elevations of the Blue Hole is 4600 feet above sea level.

P.S. I could not get in the water past my knees. Call me chicken, but my legs felt like little needles were being stuck in them as I tried to get in the super cold water! Chad and the kids were far braver than I!