A thought that is always on my mind when we looked at any kind of recreational vehicle was “can I drive this thing?” With every RV we ever owned the answer was always a big fat NO! I never attempted any of them.  They were mostly all bumper pulls. We did have this one 35 foot motor coach. It caught on fire at the Macon Airport before I got a chance to drive it, but that’s a story for another time. I was a little skeptical when we first got the Sprinter. Chad insisted I try it so, I put my butt in the seat and did it.  To my surprise, the Sprinter was so super easy to drive. It really is just like driving any other truck or SUV. The backup camera makes backing up a breeze.  I still can’t parallel park, but I have trouble doing that in my regular car.

Even though driving the van is nice and easy, I prefer just to be the co-pilot.legsandstella