On one of our trips through Slidell, Louisiana we saw this awesome conversion school bus in the Rouse’s Parking lot. This was clean and fine, so I had to stop in and say Hello!
The owners of the bus had restored in and put it on a modern chassis.

This is an old model 1957 Chevy short school bus that was recreated into the Phat Head rolling conversion Bus.

The owners were really friendly and welcomed us to check out their really cool ride. It was a Canadian couple that was out seeing the world from the back of the bus. It was well configured and equipped to sleep two.

Ross Paterson of Kamloops British Columbia is the proud owner of this one of a kind rolling RV. Great job and amazing craftsmanship in putting together a really cool project.

A couple more images of this one of a kind school bus conversion. Ross, if you are reading this thanks for taking the time to talk to Rolling With The Whitneys!


The front of the Phat Head bus.


The back of the Phat Head Bus.