Well…It’s been a long time since the last Shasta Update. For a while we had given up on the project. We even considered selling the trailer as is. {GASP}

Remember this?


BUT……..This week we pushed on!
We put a base coat of paint on the whole thing just to help seal it. We found every half used can of paint we had in the house – lots of blues.  This color is exciting…as you can see!
So from this angle you can’t really tell, but the camper only has the floor, side walls, the interior benches, counter and the support beams.

Our next step was to add the A/C and skin the top. Can’t forget the air conditioner. This is the MOST important part in the south. And as my neighbor said, all you need is the A/C and the beer box. The beer box will come later! HappyRoadTrailer4
There it is, mounted in nice and tight. The kids seem happy to have the window unit! HAHA! Jack even decided he needed to act a little goofy here. HappyRoadTrailer5
The weather started to turn bad. We had to stop everything we were doing, load up all the tools and materials and head to a dryer place. Good thing our house is raised. HappyRoadTrailer7

Now that the trailer was in a dry space, we finished skinning it. We used thin-ish sheets of plywood for this. At this point you might be asking yourself, “what are you going to put on the outside of this trailer?” That’s an excellent question!  We are NOT going back with the original aluminium skin. It was all funky and would have really taken A LOT of time to get it back together. We are going to leave the sides wooden and the roof will be new aluminum. HappyRoadTrailer8

Stay Tuned….
Today we hope to finish the roof!