Florida is so diverse. There are so many different types of things you can do in this state. This time we swam with the manatees in Crystal Springs. OH WOW!!! I really didn’t know what to expect since none of us had be there before besides Chad. And really, last time he was here was 20 years ago and didn’t go to the same location. manatee7

Chad wanted me to get in this water! Y’all, I do not like to get into water I can’t see in. YIKES! I did it…against my better judgement. The water was quite chilly, glad we had wet suits. This was just our first stop where we splashed around and got used to the wet suits and snorkel gear. Oh..and where Maggie lost one of her flippers and Chad miraculously found it! YAY Kids! HAHAmanatee8

We picked up anchor and idled on til we found some manatees. Again, Chad said “let get in with them!” WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?! Now the water was deep and in the open!! Oh lordy me! Here we go! In the water we went and finally after about 30 minutes of swimming around the seacows emerged. They are so cute with their little whiskers. They came close and rubs against us and allowed us to pet them. It was an AMAZING experience to say the least. Maggie was one brave girl while Jack and I were scardy cats. It was funny and surely something none of us will ever forget. manatee9manatee1manatee2An MG Car Show was going on at The Plantation manatee10manatee3

On our way back in we picked up some hitchhikers! They were super awesome. Kalab and Charla were kayaking near Three Sisters Spring when we came across them. The wind was kicking and they were trying to get to the Tiki Bar! Of course we were going to help out some fellow boaters get to their libations. We dropped them off and back to the dock we went as it was approaching 5 o’clock.
Charla, if we are ever back in the area we will definitely look y’all up! manatee4

Peace Out!