When you are traveling the country, you are bound to get lost or make a wrong turn.  It happens to the best of us.  However, a wrong turn can sometimes be a great mistake! We were on our way to Yellowstone National Park. Chad was talking on the phone conducting some business. I had my headphones on jamming to some Pandora while enjoying the view. I remember seeing another Sprinter Van that we had seen a few times on this leg of the trip.  An hour or so later, Chad says: “I think we missed the turn!” WHAT?! Our choice was to backtrack an hour or find a new way. A new way it is. We stopped at a gas station and bought a map. We found a road that would take us to Yellowstone.  At first, I was a little concerned because it was a bumpy dirt road, but we kept on going.  Let me just say, it was the prettiest wrong turn we had ever made.  I’m so glad we went the road less traveled, even though it took much longer! road2yellowvanriverindiansvanforthenrytrees&road