Day 4 was a pretty slow day. We only drove about 200 miles. We did quite a few things on this day that we had already done in the past.  We drove through the painted desert and the petrified forest. Of course, they were beautiful. We all thought the mountains were so amazing with the different colors of layered rocks. It’s kind of weird because I felt like I was looking back in time or something.  It actually made me think just how amazing this Earth is.

The next stop was Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona which is something else we had already seen. This crater is pretty amazing and gigantic.  It’s like 3,900 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep.  Part of the meteorite is on display at the museum and is available to touch and take pictures with.  They say its 50,000 years old.

I got personal joy from watching my sweet husband who is deathly afraid of heights walk out onto the viewing platforms.  He was so funny.  Holding the rails as tight as he could.  He was even fussing me for not holding onto the children tight enough.  He is so goofy!

Once we got to Flagstaff, we found a Home Depot which happen to be right next to the stinky Purina pet food plant!  YUCK!!  That smell was so gross I could hardly think straight. See, I’m getting side tracked just thinking about it.  Anyway, we found the home improvement store and picked up a few supplies. The kid’s bunk needed to be remodeled. We originally designed it to be removable, but it just wasn’t working. It was entirely too much work to set it up and super heavy.  I thought we needed a more permanent solution. We mounted the bunk boards and reinforced it with some metal “L” tubing. It has worked out quite nicely since that day.  The looks we got in that parking lot were hilarious.  We even had a man stop to talk to us to see just what we were doing.

We stayed at the Flagstaff KOA for 2 days.