We came across a small camp store in Tennesse that had DewShine, a vintage throwback soda from Mountain Dew. It was a good soda and each of us had to get one.

Here were the rankings:

  • Chad – Thought the soda was too sweet but he loves caffeine. He loved the packaging and the great vintage feel of all of the marketing. Great Job!
  • Amanda – She did not like the sweetness, but did not hate the soda. Would drink with adult beverages.
  • Maggie – She loved everything about Dew Shine and wanted another.
  • Jack – He was super excited about getting this drink and wanted a six-pack to take home. Too bad our fridge is too small.

The Whitneys love to come across these unique products while out on the road. Learn more about DewShine. I think this soda may have been retired in January of 2017. If you see it, get one and try it before there are no more.