Clif Bar ran a little promotion where select Idaho State Parks gave out mini Clif Bars to all of their guests. Henry’s Lake happen to be one of them. We had to do it up right and bring out the banner, the park hosts & handfuls of Clif Bars. Say Cheese! DSC06171

That gentleman standing on the right next to me is named JW!  He is our new friend! (I hope you are reading this.) He was the most awesome park host I have ever met. He would let me hitch rides with him up to the ranger station. He would check on us during the day to make sure we had everything we needed. He even was so kind to bring my trash to the big dumpster…they have bears! He and Chad would talk and talk about all kinds of things, but business mostly. I made sure to keep in touch with JW over the course of our trip and even after we got home. He sends me emails of his whereabouts too.

I believe that JW and I are kindred spirits, for not all who wander are lost!