Meteor Crater….a GIANT hole in the ground made by an outer space rock. Where was Bruce Willis and his gang of oil field misfits when this baby was hurling towards Earth? OH WAIT!  This happened 50,000 years ago. crater4

The crater is located near Winslow, Arizona. While there isn’t that much to do here, it is pretty amazing to look at. I mean think about it, a huge meteorite came barreling at the Earth at 26,000 miles per hour. The crater it made is 2.4 miles around and about 550 feet deep. That’s YUGE!  crater3

I don’t know if I told y’all but Chad is deathly afraid of heights. For him, this was a big deal (along with the Grand Canyon and Pike’s Peak). He had a grip on the rail so tight that I think he left indentions along the way. He kept telling me to hold on and grab the kids like I was being some irresponsible parent. It was quite funny.  crater5

Before we go…Gotta get a Selfie! This appalled Chad as I was not holding on tight enough to Jack and the railing at the same time. Love ya babe!