I am not really sure how we got so lucky to stumble across this gem of a state park, but I am so glad we did.  Not really sure it was a stumble though now that I think of it.  It was really WAY off the beaten path…WAY OFF! I can remember thinking: “Please let this place be decent since we are driving SO far off the interstate.” There have been times we drove way off the interstate only to find a dud of a park, just to have to drive back and look for another place. I’m sure y’all have experienced this a time or two. But August 22, 2015 was our lucky day! We were greeted by the nicest park ranger, Ranger Bart! He was so helpful to us. If I recall, he even delivered firewood to camp site. BruneauDunes1

We spent less than 24 hours at this place, but it was eventful! Bruneau Dunes State Park is also an observatory. They have a 25-inch reflector telescope. Jack was an excited boy! He loves looking at the sky. That night they happen to be having a Star Party. We got to watch a presentation on the universe and stars. Then we looked through the telescope to see the moon and Saturn.  It was amazing!! BruneauDunes6BruneauDunes3

Earlier in the day, we looked into a special telescope to see the sun.  DISCLAIMER! Don’t look at the sun with the naked eye or a regular telescope. You will go blind!! BruneauDunes5BruneauDunes4

We also went on a Night Scorpion Walk. I was quite apprehensive about this.  I am not fond of insects or things that can sting you! I went along anyway…took one for the team. Ok…so I guess you are wondering why on earth would you go looking for scorpions at night and how can you even see them? Well, the answer is quite cool. Scorpions glow under ultra violet lights. We walked around with a UV flashlight and this is what we saw….BruneauDunes7BruneauDunes8

The next morning, we decided to check out the dunes part of Bruneau Dunes. It looked like a scene out of one of the Star Wars movies. All brown and sandy. The four of us and the dog climbed to the top of the dune. Talk about an exhausting climb! Even Stella nearly quit half way up. Of course, once we got to the top it was worth it.  It was a beautiful sight. BruneauDunes9BruneauDunes12BruneauDunes11BruneauDunes15

Here is Stella (and me too!) at the top taking a rest.  She didn’t want to move!BruneauDunes13

We tried to slide down the dune on the sleds, but that didn’t work out well!  It was so funny watching everyone trying to scoot down the dune.BruneauDunes14

OH….one more neato thing. They had this really cool human sundial. It was made by a local Girl Scout Troop. You would stand in the box of the month and your shadow would point to a number.  As you can see here, Maggie is standing in the August Box. It was about 7pm. BruneauDunes2